12 Şubat 2010 Cuma

To My Really, Dear Husband,

It has been 18 years we are together.
Could you imagine,when you were first asked me to be with you?
Never i can.
I was only 18 and the only thing i could plan was adventure.
It must have been DESTINY.
My beautiful destiny.
Of course I can not say,all of these years was beautiful.
Not always happly.
But that's Life...
As everybody say ; they are salt &pepper.
Nobody's perfect.
Even nothing.
But I can definetly say ,you are my LUCK..
Is must have been LOVE .
You never left me any step of the way and what I felt about you was always right.
You are the best father after my father.(As you know )
All these years I always felt that I loved.
Thank you..
The biggest problem about our life was everytime about Jealousy.
And what jealousy come from is Love .
I love u my love .
Happy and merry St. Valentin's day.
...Ozgur's speaking...

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